Sundays at Flood San Diego

Sundays, 11am - Kearny High School

What do we do on Sundays?

Flood Youth Sundays are gatherings of Middle School (6-8th Grade) and High School (9-12th Grade) students during our 11am main gathering.

They are designed to be places where students will have opportunities to connect with God, grow in community with their peers and be inspired to live out their faith in all aspects of their lives.

We love to have fun and we want to provide opportunities and community where students can discover who they are, find their purpose in life, find a place to belong and learn how to listen and respond to God.

Where to meet us?

We all meet out front at our Youth welcome tent before heading into the main gathering for the opening set of music.  Come a little early and hang out with us.

Then What?

After the opening set, we exit and split into two different groups, one for High School Students and one for Middle School Students.

Where does Flood High School Meet?

Flood High School heads to the 801 Classroom which is the class room to the right if you are standing and looking at the entrance into the main gatherings

Where does Flood Middle School Meet?

Flood Middle School meets in the Dance Room which is located just past the cafeteria which is directly behind the main auditorium

Where do I pick up my kids?

Since teenagers don’t like to be treated like kids anymore we don’t require a check out.  We encourage parents to communicate with their kids beforehand to determine where they can meet you post gathering

I’m New Here, what do I do?

If you’re a first time guest please stop by our Youth Welcome Tent out front on the lawn, so we can get to know you and your family and provide you with any info you need.  You can also tell us about you below

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