Join Flood Youth Leadership

Help plant seeds of God’s love in the heart and mind of the next generation!

Youth Leadership

Relationships are the Lifeblood of our Youth Ministry. We value community that is marked by life giving relationships. One of the key ways a young person’s life is transformed is when they have adults, who care about them, investing in their lives.

Be a Youth Leader

This is a weekly commitment that involves building relationships with students and investing in their lives.

This includes Sunday Morning Gatherings and Midweek Life Groups for Students. Including involvement in Flood Youth Activities each quarter. Take a moment to check out our EXPECTATIONS and TIME COMMITMENT that comes with being a Flood Youth Leader. If you’re interested APPLY NOW

We ask for a one-two year commitment because we believe that the more time you invest in a young person, the greater impact you will see.

Be a Break Leader

The Break is our On Campus Clubs that meet during the week. We are at Kearny High on Thursdays and  during lunch and we always need help.
This includes donating pizza/food and drinks, being a leader during the Lunch time event, and connecting with Students

Be a Supporter

We are always looking for people who are willing to help us with practical things each week and each month. This includes Drivers for events, Provider of Meals and Additional Leaders for events when needed.

Be a Resource

We are always have a need for Prize/Giveaway donations, host homes for events. and other resources for Youth Events.


Contact: Mookie at [email protected]