Flood Youth

Environments for Middle School and High School Students


7-8:30pm, Flood Office (entrance in back)
We’re kicking off this school year with some fun & games, a heads up about the fall calendar, and a time of praying for the upcoming school year.


10am, Adams Hall @ CABC
We begin our new series called, ROYALS—a 4-week series from the Old Testament & John on Authority (see more below).


Please contact Josiah Helton [email protected]


What to Expect

Fun: because church doesn’t have to be boring.
Relationships: we all long to be, and are designed to be, in meaningful community.
Space to be Yourself: don’t try to be anyone else then who you really are, we promise we like the real you!
Safe Place: we want to create space for young people to wrestle with their questions and doubts about God, share life with others, and learn how much God loves you and has a purpose for your life.
Invitation and Challenge: we always want to invite you to be a part of all the cool things happening here, and we want to be a place where you feel challenged to lead the life you were created to live.

We realize that we are more than a ministry just for students, we are a ministry that is here to serve parents and families. Family can be messy and hard to navigate. Parenting is tough and many times you wonder if you’re doing anything right. Let us encourage you….YOU ARE! Our goal is to come alongside you, walk with you and partner with you in whatever you need.



Have you ever wished you had a little bit more power — or influence — or control? Whether you dream about ruling the world or just wish you could get a little respect once in a while, the desire to be in charge is something we’ve all experienced. But in this 4-week series, we’ll hear about a few kings from the Bible whose stories show us power isn’t always easy to yield. Through their failures and successes, we’ll discover that when you make mistakes, God can help make things right; when you think you know best, be humble instead; when you’re not sure who to listen to, ask God for guidance; and when obedience is difficult, stay close to Jesus.

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