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Saturday, July 11th @4pm
Kwaay Peak Mission Trails

Join us as we take in some of God’s beautiful surroundings!

What to bring
Good Shoes to Hike In
Water Bottle or Camel Pack
Face Mask
Hand Sanitizer

We will either do a earlier in the morning hike or a sunset hike.  Questions Contact Josiah




Friday, July 31st
Can come as early as 5pm
Location TBA

Bring your own dinner, a chair or blanket to sit on and a face mask

We’ll be monitoring the latest safety guidelines from the county and state.  If we’re allowed to have a bonfire on the beach by then we will.  If not we’ll be done around sunset.  Drop off and pick up will be at the beach


OVERNIGHT CAMPING TRIP – Friday August 7th to Saturday August 8th

Since summer camps cancelled we wanted to provide an opportunity for students to get away for a night.  We realize that not everyone will be ready for this or any of our events, which is why they are all opt in.  If you feel comfortable having your students join us we will take all the necessary precautions and safety protocols in place seriously.  If you are not comfortable come late July or August we understand

Required for this overnight trip

Temperature and Health Check Prior to Departure (May Require Covid Test)
Individual Tent or family tent if coming with sibling
Pack your Own Food and supplies
Camping Chair for yourself
Face Mask
Hand Sanitizer

We will update you as we get closer and as we monitor the latest state and county protocols.  As of June 18th, camping is allowed as long as social distancing is practiced.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Pastor Mookie.  Trip subject to be cancelled if guidelines change

Sign ups will begin in Mid July

RSVP HERE if you have initial interest

Corona Virus Update for Flood Youth

See our Covid 19 Response Here


Greetings friends and families!  We hope you and your family are doing well and are safe!  We wanted to give you an update on how we, as a ministry, are responding to the Corona Virus.  For right now, until April 6th we are not hosting any Midweek Gatherings at our office space.  This is for the safety of your kids, you and your families, along with our leaders.  In place of our Thursday nights, we will be doing a Midweeks Live Stream that students will be able to access on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube depending on which one they’d like to use.  We will have some fun and games, worship and teaching.  Then following that our small group leaders will host small groups via the Zoom Platform.  Our hope is to keep you and your kids connected to us and one another.

Sundays, we invite you and your family to catch the Live Stream of our main gatherings which will be live at 9am every Sunday and available all day on our church YouTube Channel.

We will also be posting some content on Sundays for Youth, via Instagram and our Flood Youth YouTube Channel.  We’ll also be utilizing social media throughout the week to stay connected to everyone.

Lastly, we want to encourage you to be a part of our HAVE A NEED – MEET A NEED INITIATIVE.  If you or someone you know has a need OR if you have the capacity to help meet needs please let us know ASAP

General needs please contact Abby at [email protected]

If you have a personal or family need contact Mookie at [email protected]

What to Expect

Fun: because church doesn’t have to be boring.
Relationships: we all long to be, and are designed to be, in meaningful community.
Space to be Yourself: don’t try to be anyone else then who you really are, we promise we like the real you!
Safe Place: we want to create space for young people to wrestle with their questions and doubts about God, share life with others, and learn how much God loves you and has a purpose for your life.
Invitation and Challenge: we always want to invite you to be a part of all the cool things happening here, and we want to be a place where you feel challenged to
lead the life you were created to live

We realize that we are more than a ministry just for students, we are a ministry that is here to serve parents and families. Family can be messy and hard to navigate. Parenting is tough and many times you wonder if you’re doing anything right. Let us encourage you….YOU ARE! Our goal is to come alongside you, walk with you and partner with you in whatever you need.

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