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If your faith were a muscle, how flexible would it be? Could it stretch to your knees? Your shins? Your toes?

Or are you not sure you even have any faith to stretch in the first place? Just like your body, if you want a

faith that is strong, growing, and capable of carrying you through difficult challenges, you’re going to need

to stretch it. It might be fun. It might be challenging. But it will definitely be worthwhile. In this series, we’ll

discover four ways we can stretch our faith from Paul, the author of the book of Romans and a man whose

life was completely transformed by Jesus. Thanks to Paul’s words, we know we can stretch our faith by

making a commitment, by starting something new, and by letting something go. We can even stretch our

faith when we feel like we’ve failed


We want to invite you to join us for a couple fun filled hours during our regular midweeks time on Thursday, October 29th.  We’ll be hanging out at the Flood Offices, outdoors.  We will have socially distanced games,  some treats and we want to encourage you to come dressed up in a festive costume, bring your own pumpkin to carve and if you want to go next level…..decorating a trunk of a car is optional.

Prizes will be awarded for the best and most creative pumpkins and trunks.  For more details contact Mookie at [email protected]




Sunday, October 25, 4-5:30pm

Crown Point Park

Join us for a socially distanced casual gathering that includes activities, fellowship and more!
Questions? Email [email protected]


Registration Price: $5 per person
(includes special 20th anniversary commemorative gift)
*Participants may bring their own snacks or dinner for after the event, if desired.



How is Flood Youth Responding to Covid 19

Click link below to see overview of our current response


We are committed to coming alongside helping and serving young people and their families during this unprecedented season.  As of September 2020, we have started to offer a Hybrid weekly offering in place of our usual Midweek groups.  Students have the option to meet outside our office space or stream that time online through zoom and our Instagram channel.  Our time has changed as well and we will meet from 7-8:30pm.  If students choose to attend in person we ask that everyone wear a mask and watch their distance.  We will provide chairs and hand sanitizer.  Bathrooms will be open to use

We will continue to meet online on Sundays until we get approval from Kearny High School to start meeting in person again.  As a church, we are also looking into offering an alternative time of fellowship on Sunday afternoons beginning end of September or early October.  Stay tuned for updates.  Our youth ministry may offer that as an option to fellowship in person.


What to Expect

Fun: because church doesn’t have to be boring.
Relationships: we all long to be, and are designed to be, in meaningful community.
Space to be Yourself: don’t try to be anyone else then who you really are, we promise we like the real you!
Safe Place: we want to create space for young people to wrestle with their questions and doubts about God, share life with others, and learn how much God loves you and has a purpose for your life.
Invitation and Challenge: we always want to invite you to be a part of all the cool things happening here, and we want to be a place where you feel challenged to
lead the life you were created to live

We realize that we are more than a ministry just for students, we are a ministry that is here to serve parents and families. Family can be messy and hard to navigate. Parenting is tough and many times you wonder if you’re doing anything right. Let us encourage you….YOU ARE! Our goal is to come alongside you, walk with you and partner with you in whatever you need.

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