Frequently Asked Questions

Our desire is for you to feel as welcomed as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our ministry.

Where do I go? 

As you enter the main campus entrance, you will see our Flood Kids Tent and be greeted by our Flood Kids Welcome Team. Please take a moment to stop by and check-in your child(ren) at the Visitor’s Tent whether it is your first or second time visiting. Our Welcome Team Members will tell you everything you need to know about our ministry, walk you and your child(ren) to their class, answer any questions you may have and do their very best to make you and your child(ren) feel comfortable and welcomed.

What are your safety & security procedures?

  1. We have a very thorough screening process for all Team Members, including a comprehensive application process, background and reference check, and extensive year-round training.
  2. Our Flood Security Team oversees the entire campus, making sure your child is extra safe.  Flood Kids is their number one priority on Sunday mornings.
  3. Incredible Adult-to-Child ratios.  We make sure that no child will ever be alone with an adult.
  4. Extremely safe and secure check-in and check-out procedures to ensure your child is released to the proper parent/guardian.
  5. Strict restroom policies ensuring your child is never alone in a restroom with an adult.
  6. Thorough emergency evacuation procedures including fire, earthquake and lockdown.
  7. Broad wellness policies to ensure the health of every child in our care.

In case of emergency, how do you reach parents/guardians during a gathering?

If we need to reach you while you are in the main gathering, we will first try to contact you via phone/text and also place the unique claim check-in/check-out code (given to you during check-in) on the screens in the main gathering.

How do I pick up my child?

Once the gathering ends, parents/guardians can head directly to the child’s classroom. Parents/guardians will be asked to present the unique check-in/check-out code received during check-in to receive your child(ren).  As your child(ren)’s safety is our top priority, your child(ren) will not be released unless this code is presented.