Child Dedications

Join us for our next Child Dedications!

Child Dedication is a covenant promise between a parent, their child and God. It is a moment of committing and commissioning; parents commit to partnering with God as they raise their children and the church commissions parents to do this alongside extended family. Make this covenant promise to encourage and guide your child to become the individual God intends him/her to be by signing up (see full details below) for our next Child Dedications.


The next Child Dedications is TBD.

Please contact for more information.


How do I sign up?

Complete the Child Dedications Application and attend the Child Dedications class. Please keep in mind that you must attend the Child Dedications Class as a prerequisite to joining the Dedications.

When is the prerequisite class?

The next prerequisite class is TBD.

Please attend the class that corresponds with the campus you regularly attend as a family.

Is there anything else I need to do to complete the application?

Two photos must also be submitted (one of your child and one of your family) to to complete your application.

Want to Learn More?

Shoot us your contact info and one of our leaders will follow up with you.