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Flood Kids desires to partner with parents in guiding their kids toward life change and a heart for God. We want to resource you with enriching and entertaining learning opportunities during this time, as well as keep you updated with ways to provide for the needs of your kids.

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Preschool Lesson - January 17, 2021

Preschool Discussion Questions

1. Whose ways are best, our ways or God’s ways?

2. Why does God like us to talk to him?

3. Why did the evil judge finally help the widow?

4. Is God like the evil judge? Why?

Preschool Discussion Answers

1. God’s ways!

2. Like any friend, he wants to hear about what is important to us.

3. Because he was tired of her asking.

4. No! God does not answer your prayers to get you to stop asking Him. God answers the questions of your heart and helps you because he loves you and wants to hear your voice.

Elementary Lesson - January 17, 2021

Elementary Discussion Questions

1. Why should we ask God what he wants from us or for us?

2. What happened to Emily when she tried to solve the beep problem without asking God or anyone else for help?

3. What happened when Emily finally asked God for help and waited for Him to answer?

4. Why did the evil judge finally help the persistent widow?

5. How is God different from the evil judge?

Elementary Discussion Answers

1. Because his ways are best, He loves us and wants the best for us.

2. She got stressed out and couldn’t think about anything else. She could not solve the problem on her own.

3. God helped Emily calm down, take care of herself, and find out why the beep was important instead of being frustrated by it.

4. The widow asked him for help everyday and would not give up. He didn’t want to listen to her anymore, so he helped her.

5. God does not answer your prayers to get you to stop asking Him. God answers the questions of your heart and helps you because he loves you and wants to hear your voice.

Preschool Lesson - January 10, 2021

Preschool Discussion Questions

1.) What does it mean to repent?

2.) If you sin, or do something wrong, do you feel close to God?

3.) Should you hide if you sin? What should you do if you sin?

4.) Is there anything you can do that can separate you from God’s love?

Preschool Discussion Answers

1.) To ask for forgiveness, to make your wrongs right, to turn away.

2.) No.

3.) No, we should ask for forgiveness.

4.) No! He loves you no matter what!

Elementary Lesson - January 10, 2021

Elementary Discussion Questions

1.) In our video today we watched Mike play a mean joke on his friend. Why was Mike’s joke mean and hurtful instead of funny?

2.) What did Mike do to avoid dealing with what he had done? Why do you think Mike hid?

3.) In our Bible story today a woman sinned – What did the people around her want to do?

4.) What did God tell her to do?

5.) Why is it important to repent?

6.) Can your sin separate you from God’s love?

Elementary Discussion Answers

1.) It prevented from doing what she was trying to do.

2.) He hid. Sometimes we hide to avoid punishment, or because we are embarrassed or we just aren’t sure what to do.

3.) They wanted her to die as punishment for her sin.

4.) To go and sin no more – he wrote it in the sand. God reminded the crowd that they are sinners as well.

5. Because our sin separates us from God and he wants to be close to us.

6.) No! God’s love for us never changes.

Preschool Lesson - January 3, 2021

Preschool Discussion Questions

1.) What can we do first when we pray to God?

2.) How can you praise God this week?

3.) What is one thing God made you really good at? Praise God for it!

Preschool Discussion Answers

1.) Praise him!

2.) Praying, singing, doing God’s best, thanking God etc.

3.) Responses will vary.

Elementary Lesson - January 3, 2021

Elementary Discussion Questions

1.) Why didn’t anyone like Clint’s first praise box?

2.) Why is it important to praise God when you pray?

3.) How will it help other people when you praise God?

4.) What are some ways you will praise God this week?

5.) Share one great thing you have done. Praise God for it!

Elementary Discussion Answers

1.) It was selfish for Clint to want all the praise for himself and to make everyone listen to it all the time.

2.) Praising God shows you respect how great He is and shows you are thankful for what He has done. Praising God reminds your heart that every good thing is from God.

3.) Other people will recognize that all good things come from God. Other people will learn about God’s power and great love when they hear me praising God.

4.) Tell God how thankful I am for Him; sing about how great God is; read Bible verses out loud that talk about God; dance for God and be happy with Him.

5.) Responses will vary.

Preschool Worship

Elementary Worship

Parenting Workshop

When Normal Isn’t Normal Anymore – Parenting During Covid-19

Join Jamie Van Dyke, our elementary kids director, and Jenna Hillman, licensed marriage and family therapist, as they explore what it means to parent during a pandemic.
Topics of discussion will include: creating a new normal, identifying and supporting children with anxiety, navigating grief and loss, prioritizing self care and finding joy in the midst of crisis.

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Community Resources

During school closures, lunch is provided throughout San Diego County for kids 2-18 years old, Monday through Friday between 11am-1pm. Each child may take one lunch and one breakfast for the next day.


Learning Resources

Below are a list of FREE high quality educational resources, many of which are also interactive!

  • Busy Toddler: Hands-on learning and activities for toddlers.BusyToddler.com (Right-Click to open in a new tab.)
  • Free Audible Books for Kids: Kids of all ages listen free while school’s on pause.Audible.com (Right-Click to open in a new tab.)
  • Storytime From Space: Have an astronaut read you a story from space!storytimefromspace.com (Right-Click to open in a new tab.)
  • Ted Talks: Over 3300 amazing short talks on all kinds of subjects – ted.com/talks (Right-Click to open in a new tab.)
  • Virtual Museum Tours: bit.ly/MuseumsVirtual (Right-Click to open in a new tab.)
  • Smithsonian Institute Natural History Museum Virtual Tour: naturalhistory.si.edu/visit/virtual-tour (Right-Click to open in a new tab.)
  • PBS Learning Media: ca.pbslearningmedia.org/  (Right-Click to open in a new tab.)
  • Teach Engineering: teachengineering.org/ (Right-Click to open in a new tab.)
  • EEME: eeme.co/ (Right-Click to open in a new tab.)
  • PhET Interactive Simulations: phet.colorado.edu (Right-Click to open in a new tab.)
  • Stories on Audible: stories.audible.com (Right-Click to open in a new tab.)