New to Faith

Next Steps in Following Jesus

Are you curious about Christianity and/or have questions about how to take next steps in following Jesus?



Our New to Faith meet ups provides a safe dialogue for those who have questions about Christianity and/or desire to take next steps with Jesus. Our goal is to explore the uniqueness of the Christian faith, receive & respond to your questions, and provide continuing support for your journey with Jesus. The meet ups are set up to be conversational with a comfortable atmosphere and will include:

  • A clear presentation of the Good News (Gospel) of Jesus Christ.
  • Is it more than just being a moral person?
  • A discussion on the Bible.
  • Is the Bible trustworthy? Why should it be prioritized?
  • A forum to ask questions and discuss obstacles with committing to Jesus.
  • How is Christianity different than other religions?
  • A discussion on ways to pursue God in the midst of doubts.
  • Do I have to have it all figured out before I approach God?
  • Next Steps in your journey with Jesus.
  • How will my life change, and what is my part in it?


To join a workshop or meet with a pastor, contact: [email protected]


“Before [meeting up], I thought I knew what “typical Christians” looked like, believed in, and [how they] acted. New to Faith helped me break down that stereotype, as well as clear up some misconceptions I had about core Christian beliefs. I recommend this class to anyone—Christian and non-Christian—who is ready to have an intelligent, open conversation about religion.” —Sara

“I have shared the story of how I came to walk with Christ with many people. I hope to share it with many more. I always make sure I tell those I am speaking with that I came to Flood (and faith) as a skeptic! I had too many questions not to be skeptical. This time, more than anything, taught me that Jesus was the one to answer my questions and He will stick with me until I gain understanding. Without that class, I don’t know that I would have stayed at Flood.” —Jim

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