Sunday, February 2

Still Small: Wise Council

Still Small: Discerning God's Voice in a Noisy Life

About this sermon:

When it comes to making decisions in our own lives, it’s essential to surround ourselves with people who will listen to us, but who will also listen to God on our behalf – and then tell us the truth in love, even if it’s not what we want to hear. The same is true for being a voice in the lives of others; we need to listen well to them and to God for them, without personal agenda or ulterior motive. In the church, this is communal discernment, and it’s one of the fundamental pillars of discerning God’s presence and activity in the world.

This Sunday we continue our series, Still Small: Discerning God’s Voice in a Noisy Life, exploring how we practice being a community who discerns.

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