Sunday, September 16

Misquoted: Persistent Poverty

Misquoted: The Verses We Violate

About this sermon:

Jesus was a refugee. When he was only a baby, his parents were forced to flee their homeland in order to save his life. Just before his crucifixion, Jesus cautioned that we would always have the poor – the refugee, the immigrant – with us. Sometimes, we read those words and interpret them to mean that the reality of poverty will always be with us no matter what we do, and we let ourselves off the hook from giving, serving, and seeking to help the poorest among us. The truth is, Jesus was unequivocal in his command that his followers are to always, always leverage what we have for the
sake of those in need.

This Sunday, we’re honored to be welcoming Matt Soerens, the US Director for World Relief and the co-author of the books “Welcoming the Stranger” and “Seeking Refuge: On the Shores of the Global Refugee Crisis.” He has been active at the US/Mexico border working to advocate for refugees and immigrants, and we’re looking forward to hearing him share a biblical perspective on immigration.

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