Sunday, August 26

Misquoted: Good and Angry

Misquoted: The Verses We Violate

About this sermon:

Most of us have a preferred image of who “our” Jesus is – one who sits serenely with children, or who gently carries lambs around and is always cool, calm and collected. Sometimes, we even selectively focus on the passages in Scripture that reinforce that view. The truth, however, is that Jesus was a multi-dimensional human being who experienced — and expressed — the full range of human emotion. This week, we’ll be looking at one of his traits we may be less comfortable with — his anger.

We’re honored to welcome Jerry Sheveland, a mentor of Pastor Matt’s and a former president of the Converge network of churches. He brings over 30 years of pastoral wisdom and experience with him, and we’re excited to have him with us on Sunday!

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