Sunday, August 18

Ex: Home is Where…

Ex: A Deliverance Deferred

About this sermon:

When the Israelites finally arrived at Mount Sinai, they probably thought that after such a long and difficult journey, things were finally going to settle down and they could learn a new normal. However as we know, this is not to be. Instead, they will spend the rest of the Pentateuch (all the way through Deuteronomy) bickering, disobeying God’s and Moses’ commands, and generally being ornery, obstinate, and grumbly.

Like the Israelites, too often our lives are marked by conflict – miscommunications and misunderstandings that lead to us either being hurt, or hurting others.  In a world made up of different backgrounds, cultures, upbringings, and communication styles, we want to learn ways to celebrate the things that make us unique in environments where everyone can feel valued, respected, known, and understood.

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