Sunday, December 1

All of the Above: Priest(s)

All of the Above

About this sermon:

Waiting can be so hard sometimes, especially when we know that what we’re anticipating will be so sweet and wonderful. Every year, the church enters into a season of waiting called Advent – a time of joyful expectation and preparation for the birth of Christ. This season celebrates that Jesus Christ has come, He is present in the world, and He will come again in power and glory to right all wrongs and make all things new. But what does it look like to wait well, even as we affirm that Jesus is alive today?

This Sunday we begin our Advent series, All of the Above, looking at the roles Jesus has fulfilled and still fulfills – as High Priest to free us from shame, as King to give us unity and strength, as Prophet to give us direction, as a Human who walks with us, and as the God who saves us.

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