Online Groups

Meeting online to be transformed by Jesus, in order to love God, love one another, and love our neighbors

Continuing to cultivate community online.

Flood groups will continue to meet weekly online via Zoom (video conferencing) during this “shelter at home” season. We have groups of all types and sizes that share life, reflect on Scripture, pray, and encourage one another to serve in Jesus’ name.

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The Groups listed below are new or are always open.

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Mom’s Group: Wednesdays, 8pm

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Flood Youth (12-18): Thursdays, 6:30pm

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Flood Young Adults (18-29): Wednesdays, 7pm

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Flood North County Groups (Del Mar-Oceanside): Weeknights, 7pm

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Hope Building: Anxiety Reduction Workshop

Jesus said, “Do not worry …” yet how many of us have experienced a bit of worry or fear over these past several weeks? Join Pastor Adam Klekowski and Wanda Brothers, LMFT, SEP as they explore spiritual and practical skills to manage and reduce stress and anxiety and to bring the peace of God back into our daily awareness. Learn how your physical body acts as either the doorway to “God’s peace that passes understanding”, or the blockade to peace and a sense of safety. The time will include some teaching and simple powerful tools and exercises to use daily to defeat the power of fear and to calm and ground the body and mind. We will close with Q&A.

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Types of Groups

Flood Groups come in various types and sizes but with a single goal: to be transformed by the presence of Jesus, so that we can love God, love one another, and love our neighbors.

Learn more about the different types of Groups at Flood below.

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CoEd Groups

Groups made up of singles, marrieds, and/or families.

Cause-Based Groups

Groups that engage specific issues in our local and global community through advocacy, awareness, and support.

Demographic Groups

Groups for men, women, young adults (18-29), career (30s), 50 and Up, and marrieds.

Core Groups

Short-term Groups designed to meet about a specific topic or area of growth (prayer, spiritual practices, book study, etc.).