Meeting together to be transformed by Jesus, in order to love God, love one another, and love our neighbors

Cultivating Community This Summer

Flood groups will continue to meet via Zoom (online), and in-person (depending on the group), during this COVID-19 season. We have groups of all types and sizes that share life, reflect on Scripture, pray, and encourage one another to serve in Jesus’ name. View our open groups below, and email the leader directly for meeting information.

New! Running Group

Meeting at 7:15am on Sundays, July 26, Aug 9, 23, Sept 13, 27

This group is for anyone who enjoys running in community (while applying COVID-19 recommendations).

Email Mike & Tracy to Join


4th & 5th Graders: Sundays, 1pm

This group is for the Elementary “Blue Group” and meets via Zoom led by Jamie and her team.

Email Jamie to Join


Flood Middle School & High School Groups (12-18): Sundays, 11am

Flood Middle School & High School Groups (12-18): Thursdays, 6:30pm

A community of students and adult leaders who create space for students to engage God, questions and doubts in fun and creative groups.

Email Mike to Join

Young Adults

FYA (18-29): Wednesdays, 7pm

Flood Young Adults (FYA) is for anyone college and post-college aged looking to grow in faith, community, and action.

Email Damean to Join

Post College-Career (Coed-Marrieds Mix)

Bay Park: Tuesdays, 7pm

Email Nick to Join

PB: Wednesdays, 7pm

Email Jeffrey to Join

Mission Valley: Thursdays, 7pm

Email Jacquelyn to Join


Tuesdays, 7pm

Email Jocelyn to Join

All Ages

Sunday Evenings, Summer Meetings Vary

Email Adam to Join

50 and Up

Wednesdays, 7pm (twice a month for the summer)

Email Helen to Join

North County Groups

Del Mar-Oceanside: Weeknights, 7pm, Summer Group Meetings Vary

These groups are for those who are a part of the Flood North County campus, or live in that area and are looking to connect with others to grow in faith, community, and action.

Email Scott to Join


Events & Enrichments

Workshop: Navigating Change and Uncertainty

with Alair Olson, LMFT + Derek Olson, Ph.D.
Now more than ever, we face change and uncertainty in numerous parts of life, and we often struggle in knowing how to respond well. We feel paralyzed, we check out, we try to control it all, we panic, we isolate, we blame, and the list goes on. In our time together, we’ll look at several different ways that we can acknowledge the challenges of change and uncertainty, invite Christ and others into that process with us, and choose how to respond with the ultimate aim of bringing God’s Kingdom to earth today.

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Workshop: An Honest Conversation about God, Race, and Racial Justice.

Join us for an honest conversation about God, race, and racial justice. As we seek to be women who are following Christ in all aspects of life, listening deeply to people’s experiences that are different from our own can be one of the most Jesus-like steps we can take toward growing in love, humility, and justice. We are excited to have the unique opportunity to hear from Jocelyn Watkins and Joi Spencer, interviewed by Roxanne Hammett as we seek to listen well and grow together.

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Hope Building – Anxiety Reduction Workshop: Available Online

Jesus said, “Do not worry …” yet how many of us have experienced a bit of worry or fear over these past several weeks? Join Pastor Adam Klekowski and Wanda Brothers, LMFT, SEP as they explore spiritual and practical skills to manage and reduce stress and anxiety and to bring the peace of God back into our daily awareness. Learn how your physical body acts as either the doorway to “God’s peace that passes understanding”, or the blockade to peace and a sense of safety. The time will include some teaching and simple powerful tools and exercises to use daily to defeat the power of fear and to calm and ground the body and mind.

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When Normal Isn’t Normal Anymore – Parenting During COVID-19: Available Online

Join Jamie Van Dyke, elementary kids director and Jenna Hillman, licensed marriage and family therapist, as they explore what it means to parent during a pandemic.
Topics of discussion will include: creating a new normal, identifying and supporting children with anxiety, navigating grief and loss, prioritizing self care and finding joy in the midst of crisis.

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Women’s Event – The Enneagram in Relationships: Available Online

At this event, Heather Pederson, LMFT, will guide us in exploring how our Enneagram number influences the way we engage in relationships and special considerations we can have for ourselves and the people we care about to deepen our connections. Whether you have attended previous Enneagram workshops or not, this event is for you! As we seek to love and support others (and ourselves) in this time, this tool can practically help us in our understanding of ourselves and others. Click the button below to RSVP and receive a handout for this live-streamed event.

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Types of Groups

Flood Groups come in various types and sizes but with a single goal: to be transformed by the presence of Jesus, so that we can love God, love one another, and love our neighbors.

Learn more about the different types of Groups at Flood below.

Group Finder Form

CoEd Groups

Groups made up of singles, marrieds, and/or families.

Cause-Based Groups

Groups that engage specific issues in our local and global community through advocacy, awareness, and support.

Demographic Groups

Groups for men, women, young adults (18-29), career (30s), 50 and Up, and marrieds.

Core Groups

Short-term Groups designed to meet about a specific topic or area of growth (prayer, spiritual practices, book study, etc.).