Beach Baptisms

Beach Baptisms

Wednesday, August 25, 5:30pm, Mission Bay
Join us for our annual Beach Baptism at the Bay!
If you would like to be baptized, email: [email protected]

Baptism is an outward symbol of an inner transformation.

Baptism is the public proclamation of our new life in Jesus. As we are submerged under the water, we identify with Jesus’ death to all that is evil and unjust in this world; as we are lifted up from the water, we identify with the new life we share in Jesus (Romans 6:3-5). Death, and the power of sin, has no authority over us. We are free to live as God intended: as a family on mission (Acts 2:42-47). Baptism reminds us that we share this new life in community. Faith in Jesus brings us into God’s family, the local church (in our case, Flood Church!). We are united with Christ, and united with each other.

Although baptism is not a requirement of salvation, it would be wrong to say it is unimportant (Matthew 28:19-20) or just a symbol of an inward change. We freely identify with Jesus as an sign of obedience to Jesus and solidarity with the Christ. As a public act of faith, baptism also serves as a source of encouragement and a communal celebration of the unity shared in Christ, and the life we live together through faith, hope, and love.

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Next Baptisms

San Diego Campus: Wednesday, August 25, 5:30pm, Mission Bay
Email [email protected] to be baptized.

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