Our Story

When God is speaking to you, even the faintest whisper will command your attention.

Matt Hammett knows this firsthand. In 1998, while finishing a message at College Avenue Baptist Church, he experienced a divine whisper that, with the prayers and service of many, and with the design and creativity of the Holy Spirit Himself, has become what we know today as Flood. Here’s the story…

Matt had long sensed God was on the move at College Avenue, and he felt that God wanted to use him in this new movement. In God’s way, He announced with a whisper just what Matt had been sensing. Matt was teaching on worship and at the conclusion of the service, he led the congregation in the Doxology a cappella (not exactly something that happened on a regular basis with Matt).

As the hymn concluded, Matt sensed a voice telling him, “I am going to use you to begin a new movement of worship.”

It was a profoundly simple moment, yet it carried with it more potential than he could have ever anticipated. Matt made his way to the back of the church as the service concluded. Still reeling from the words he heard, Matt was surprised when a man he had never met approached him. The man whispered, “I feel God wants me to tell you that He is going to use you to begin a new movement of worship.” And that was all Matt needed.

As he began sharing the vision to a few close friends, Matt’s passion became contagious.

In 1999, College Avenue Baptist Church gave Matt the blessing to begin a new ministry.

In 2000 the band Something Like Silas (currently Future of Forestry) joined the growing team of those who shared the vision for this new worship movement. The new ministry was capturing a new generation and the sparks began to fly… or maybe we should say the water began to flow… The name “Flood” was decided upon, inspired by the Old Testament verse Joel 2:28, “I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions” (NIV). The desire was that Flood would be a place where everyone who came through the doors would be flooded with the Spirit God promised to pour out on all his people.

The result? Generations would experience the messages, dreams, and visions God had always intended. And ultimately, that a “fountain [would] flow out of the Lord’s house” (Joel 3:18, NIV) into all of San Diego, bringing with it a cleansing refreshment and the Living Water of God.

On October 22, 2000, the doors opened to 300 first-time attendees. From its beginnings at College Avenue, Flood grew to multiple worship gatherings and numerous mid-week groups throughout the city.

In 2005, Matt and his ever-growing staff sensed God was calling Flood to something even bigger. It was time for the Flood ministry to take a big step and become its own church.

On January 1, 2005, Flood Church was established as an independent daughter church of College Avenue Baptist Church. And on June 4 of 2006, Flood opened its doors on the campus of Kearny High School. With this new location came a new mission: to be a reproducing church that makes a tangible impact in the surrounding community. Flood truly cherishes the partnership with the high school and local community.

Since the beginning, Flood has also had a distinct call to serve abroad. The church has active ministries in Malawi, Uganda and Haiti. In 2008, a Flood Church was planted in the capital city of Lilongwe, Malawi. Since then, that church has helped start two new Flood Churches in the southern city of Blantyre and northern city of Mzuzu!

With an increased heart for local communities and a desire to reconnect more and more people to their Creator, Flood started a Sunday campus in the north coastal city of Encinitas in 2016. Flood North County became Flood’s first local church plant on June 1, 2021 and is now know as Water’s Edge Church. In this season, we also purchased our first property and look forward to moving in during the fall of 2021. Flood hopes to take the life changing message of the gospel to all for generations to come!

Since its start in 2000, Flood has desired to create environments where lives are transformed by the Living God. Providing multiple spaces to experience community, Flood is a place where people hear the call of God on their lives through worship, culture, teaching, and relationships. Only God knows the height, depth, and breadth of what God has in store in the years to come!

So that’s our story… now what’s yours? If you’re reading this right now, God is already speaking to you about experiencing Flood for yourself. Let even His faintest whisper command your attention!