Groups for Women

Flood Groups meet throughout the week all around San Diego to make an impact in their Neighborhood, a Demographic, or Cause. In addition to general groups that are co-ed and open to all demographics, there are groups specifically for Women.
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Women’s Groups:

Women’s Group: Rhythms of Renewal

Mondays 7:00-8:30pm, every-other week, starting April 19th

This short-term group is for women seeking a community to build some structure in their lives to engage with rest,restoration, connection, and creativity. We will be going through the Rhythms of Renewal book and journal. 

Contact: [email protected]

Most Women’s Groups launch in January or September, but some begin at different times throughout the year.  Some meet weekly, and others twice per month.  If you are looking for a women’s group or moms group at Flood and need assistance, contact [email protected]

*If you’d like to lead one of our upcoming Monthly Prayer + Share Groups for Women in 2021, email [email protected]

Mom’s Groups:

If you are interested in connecting with or co-leading a Moms Group, email [email protected]

Additional Support for Women:

Support for Break-Ups, Dating, Singleness: Contact [email protected]

Professional Support for Eating Disorders: Sammi Montag, RD or Potentia Therapy

Pregnancy and/or Post-Abortion Counseling and Support: CAPS (College Area Pregnancy Services)

Support and Resources for women who’s husbands struggle with sexual integrity:  *This group is currently paused.  If you are interested in leadership of this group, please contact [email protected]

Women’s Counseling Resources + Recommendations: Contact [email protected]

Spiritual Direction (one on one + workshops): Linsey Wildey and Grace Wilkinson

Support and online community for Miscarriage: MiscarriageHurts.com 

Women’s Events

Our Women’s Events and Workshops are opportunities for women from all Flood campuses to connect with God and each other. Each meeting explores a specific topic.


Women’s Reflective Retreat

Saturday, May 22nd, 2021, 8:45-11:30am

Set aside this sacred time to spend with God and other women at Flood!

We’ll have options of both an “in-person” or “at-home” retreat experience.

Facilitator: Linsey Wildey, Spiritual Director

Cost: $10.  Register HERE

Questions, or to volunteer, contact [email protected]


WATCH the recordings of our most recent Women’s Events: 


Moms’ Event


“Tired as a Mother”

Speakers: Abby Dyer and Kate Jackson

Join other moms for a refreshing time of being real with how hard life as a mom in a pandemic has been.  We see you.  We love you.  Come, be refreshed by God, by our speakers, and each other.

Event Resource Page is HERE



Strength Redefined: Compassionate boldness through the life of Mary Magdalene
Speaker: Grace Wilkinson
Music: Dana Jeyakumar
Description: Throughout human history and especially this past year, one thing is certain – women are strong! Between working, raising kids, homeschooling, caring for parents and friends and a hundred other things on our to-do lists daily, women have been holding it all. But what is strength supposed to look like? Is there only one way to be strong? What if I don’t feel strong? And what does Scripture really say about how we are to live as women of both strength and tenderness, boldness and gentleness? Join us as we explore how God invites each of us to live into our own unique expression of compassionate strength through the often overlooked life of Mary Magdalene.
View or Download the Event Resource Page HERE


Watch the Recording HERE
“Hope for the Heavy Heart: Experiencing God in the Storms of Life” with Linsey Wildey and Leeana Tankersley.
Description: Are you carrying a heavy burden? Dealing with disappointment, loss, or hurt? Join Linsey and Leeana for a time of teaching, Scripture meditation, and personal reflection to consider the storms of life and the hope that can be found in the presence of Jesus. No matter how heavy your heart, there is hope. No matter how chaotic the storm, there is peace.
View or Download the Event Resource Page


An Honest Conversation about God, Race, and Racial Justice, PART 2!

Watch the Recording HERE

Jocelyn Watkins and Joi Spencer, PhD are interviewed by Pastor Matt Hammett, responding to questions from our church family on racial justice.  View the Event Resource Page HERE


Monday, July 20th, 2020 (Watch the Recording HERE)

Join us for an honest conversation about God, race, and racial justice.  As we seek to be women who are following Christ in all aspects of life, listening deeply to people’s experiences that are different from our own can be one of the most Jesus-like steps we can take toward growing in love, humility, and justice.  We are excited to have the unique opportunity to hear from Jocelyn Watkins and Joe Spencer, interviewed by Roxanne Hammett as we seek to listen well and grow together.  We hope to “see” you there for this livestream!

View or Download the Event Resource Page HERE 


Monday, April 20th, 2020 (Watch the Recording HERE)

“The Enneagram in Relationships”

At this event, Heather Pederson, LMFT will guide us in exploring how our Enneagram number influences the way we engage in relationships and special considerations we can have for ourselves and the people we care about to deepen connection in our relationships.  Whether you have attended previous Enneagram workshops or not, this event is for you!


WATCH or LISTEN to additional Flood Workshops:


Leading Together: Restoring the Creator’s Design for Men + Women in Leadership

Dr. Glen Scorgie of Bethel Seminary and Pastor Grace Wilkinson unpack the complexities of women in ministry, and respond to questions from the audience.  Audio Recording of this in-person event can be found HERE


Workshop: Healthy Dating + Breakups

Monday, August 24th, 2020.  Watch the recording HERE.


Meet with a Pastor

To meet with one of our pastors or leaders, contact: [email protected]


Women’s Reflective Retreat

Saturday, May 22nd, 2021, 8:45-11:30am

Set aside this sacred time to spend with God and other women at Flood!

We’ll have options of both an “in-person” or “at-home” retreat experience.

Facilitator: Linsey Wildey, Spiritual Director

Cost: $10.  Register HERE

Questions, or to volunteer, contact [email protected]

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