Undergraduate Internship

Application process for 2021-2022 will be coming August 2021!

Program Overview

College students that serve 20 hours per week from October-May. If you are interested and want to learn more, or fill out an application, scroll down below.

Why does our Intern Program exist?

The Flood Internship Program was created to train, equip and empower men and women to be effective leaders in the Church. Flood is looking for people who desire to have an integral role in our movement of hope and healing.
We are in need of capable, competent and committed men and women who can join the staff and serve the needs at Flood. Whether you have a passion for children, youth, college students, young adults, families, media, arts or administration, there is certainly a place for you to lead and serve at Flood!

Program Details

College can be an exciting and challenging time. The experiences are rich and life changing, and the decisions that you make will certainly impact your future for a lifetime. This program is specifically designed to help you become an effective minister and leader within your community, including the Church. While pursuing your education, you will be a part-time staff member at Flood.

Though your job description at Flood will be vast and varied, the goal of the program is to help prepare you for whatever will come after college. You will be placed in an area of ministry and be matched with Staff members for the year who will serve as your mentor and supervisor.

Though this Internship is unpaid, we would love to talk with you about possible options for raising financial support to help cover any necessary expenses and/or provide you with some extra spending cash. We will also happily work with you and your University to ensure that the program fulfills official internship requirements or credits to help toward graduation.

How do I apply?

There is a thorough application process that will help us get to know you better and also allow us to see your desires in ministry. Application process for the 2021-2022 Intern Class will open August 1, 2021.

  • Apply
  • Deadlines


Before you begin your application, be sure you meet our established qualifications below:

– High School diploma
– Desire to serve and support Flood Church
– Commitment to Jesus Christ
– Enrolled at an accredited college or university is preferred.


Click on the link below to submit your application.
Flood Undergraduate Internship Program Application

To complete your application, you must also submit the following:
2 Reference Forms:
Access and submit the online reference forms by clicking here.
-1 reference must be from a pastor or ministry leader (volunteer or paid)
-1 reference must be a personal reference of your choosing that is not a family member
*Note: People supplying references will need to be instructed to find this webpage and fill out the reference form here online.

Please read and sign the Flood Leadership Covenant

Please email Kate a photo of yourself along with notification that the application, references and Flood Leadership Covenant have been submitted.


August 1, 2021: The Undergraduate Intern Application opens.

September 12, 2021: All application materials are due.

Sept. 13 – 16, 2021: If you are selected for the interview process of the application, you will interview with Flood Staff sometime during these 2 weeks.

Sept. 20 – 23, 2021: If you are selected to continue in the application process, you will have a second round of interviews with the Flood Staff, sometime during these 2 weeks.

October 7, 2021: The program officially begins and ALL interns are required to be available for Intern Orientation from 3:00-5:00pm.

October 10, 2021: Interns first Sunday at Flood!

May 31, 2022: 1 year internship concludes.

Where will I be Serving?

There are a variety of ministry opportunities and needs at Flood. We have compiled a list of a variety of jobs that are currently available for interns, which are listed below.

Please refer to this list when filling out your application. Note that you may possibly receive more than one staff assignment and that all Flood Staff participate in a variety of administrative and support roles. We are also open to the possibility of new “positions” and ministries not listed on this page. If you have ideas, just let us know on your application.

Flood Kids Flood Youth
Young Adults Groups
Sunday Production Hospitality
Communications Sunday Operations
Video Creative Arts
Local and Global Impact Special Events

*Once all forms are completed and turned in, qualifying applicants will be invited to interview with members of the Flood Staff. Final decisions will then be made and we will notify you regarding the results. If selected for the program, you will then receive your ministry assignments and expectations and be expected to attend an orientation in October 2021.

Finalize Your Application

After you have submitted your application in full, please confirm that we have received all of your materials by emailing Kate Jackson. Contact Kate