Global Work

Flood’s global impact efforts are focused on the nations of Malawi and Uganda in Africa, and the nation of Haiti in the Caribbean

Flood Church is committed to long-term investment in the countries of Malawi, Uganda, and Haiti.

Through partnerships with local churches, organizations, and leaders, we actively pursue becoming a part of God's global movement of hope and healing. See below for specific details and how you can get involved.

2018 Global Trips

Are you interested in impacting the world in a unique and challenging way? Serve in Malawi this Summer! Help facilitate Flood’s annual S.A.L.T. [Summit for African Leader Transformation] Conference in Malawi, Africa! The conference is in partnership with our sister church, Flood Malawi, which has campuses in the cities of Lilongwe and Blantyre.  The purpose of the SALT Conference is to practically invest in the next generation of leaders within their own countries.

Work side by side with members of Flood Malawi and host the SALT conference in both Lilongwe and Blantyre. In addition to the conferences, the team will go on safari and visit a local village.
Cost: Approximately $4,000
Dates: July 28 – August 11
(dates may vary a day or two depending on flights)
Lilongwe Team: Kaitlyn Herrscherr
Blantyre Team: Oryan Swauncy

To apply fill out the application, found HERE, by March 19. If you have any questions, email


  • Uganda
  • Haiti


An invitation to speak at African Bible College in 2002 provided Matt Hammett and the Flood team to create connections that would lead to a country-wide music tour in 2004 and the eventual commissioning of two Flood Church campuses in the cities of Lilongwe (2008) and Blantyre (2015).


As local filmmakers brought the Ugandan civil war to light in the United States, Flood partnered with Children of the Nations to establish children’s homes and Village Assistance Programs to provide for the welfare of Uganda’s next generation.


As a response to the 2011 earthquake in Haiti, Flood Church raised over $200,000 to establish a new base of operations for Children of the Nations.

In support of COTN’s vision to raise the next generation of Haiti’s leaders, Flood teams have participated in construction projects in addition to providing resources for food and water projects.

Go on a Global Trip

Each year, we commission short-term teams to participate in our global work.

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