About Flood Church

We exist to become followers of Jesus who live an integrated life of faith, community, and mission.

Since 2000, we’ve set out to be a redemptive movement that makes a difference in San Diego and around the world.

Our Story
Where we’ve come from

Vision & Values
Where we’re going

Our Environments

Flood has two primary environments that support people to live integrated lives.

Worship Gatherings

Worship Gatherings are opportunities each Sunday to gather as a larger church family that inspire us towards greater faith, community, and action. Interactive worship, teaching, and creative response elements are important characteristics of our gatherings.

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Flood Groups

Flood Groups are opportunities to gather as smaller communities through the week. By creating spaces to connect with others, our Groups challenge us to intentionally pursue a life of faith, community, and action. Every group seeks to make a difference in the lives of others.

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