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Matt’s Blog: This Week at Flood August 23 – 29

Flood Family,

Each week we want to share a preview of Sunday, as well as ways for you to stay connected to Flood in this season. Check out what’s coming up below!

Together on the Journey,


Join us tomorrow as we continue our new series, In Season: Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit by looking at the fruit of peace. How do we both experience God’s peace and become a peaceful, non-anxious presence for others, like Jesus was? We’re live every Sunday at 9am, 11am, and 7pm at at


We’re also going to receive Communion on Sunday! Bring whatever elements you have to the table so we can receive Communion “together” as a church family.



Group Leaders Training
THIS Sunday, August 23, and August 30
11am via Zoom
Join our 2-week training so that more people can participate in community! Email [email protected] to learn more.





Workshop: Healthy Dating + Breakups
Monday, August 24th 7pm at
How can we, as followers of Christ, navigate dating and break-ups in a healthy way? Join speaker Krysti Wilkinson for this livestream event with Q&A. Questions, email [email protected].




Back to School Park & Pray
Thursday, August 27th
Flood Church Offices

We want to celebrate and commission all of our students and educators as they kick off a new school year! Students, educators, staff, & faculty will receive a “Back To School Survival Kit” and prayer for the upcoming year.
Everyone is invited! RSVP HERE

Your faithful giving makes everything we do at Flood possible.
Give toward our movement of hope & healing today at


In Case You Missed It

Navigating Change + Uncertainty Workshop
Derek Olson and Alair Olson, LMFT, facilitate this timely and practical workshop about how we can acknowledge the challenges of change and uncertainty and invite Christ and others into that process with us.
Catch up anytime HERE.