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Matt’s Blog: What’s in a Name?

Flood Family,

Our name is a foundational part of our identity. It tethers us to our family, and gives us meaning and belonging. It’s not only identification, but also significance and the way we’re uniquely known in this world. In Scripture, we see several examples of God changing names to better fit the future reputation of their bearers. Jacob, which means “to follow” or “displace” becomes Israel, “triumphant with God.” Abram means “father,” but becomes Abraham, “Father of Nations,” signifying the new identity for which he was destined.

As members of God’s family, we have inherited a new name and a new identity, bestowed on us by God as a symbol of our value and importance to Him. We have both the honor and responsibility to uphold the dignity of the name of God as bearers of His name. Why? Because, as Psalm 23 reminds us, our Shepherd God guides us along the right paths for His name’s sake. That name, which is now our name, is more magnificent than anything else in the world.

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Together on the Journey,

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