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Matt’s Blog: This Week at Flood July 26 – August 1

Flood Family,

Each week we want to share a preview of Sunday, as well as a snapshot of the events, groups, and other ways for you to stay connected to Flood in this season. Check out what’s coming up this week below!


Join us tomorrow as we continue our series XXIII: The Satisfied Life by looking at how dying to our false selves leads to truly living without lack. We’ll be live at 9am, 11am, and 7pm at

We’re also going to receive Communion as a church family at the end of Sunday’s message. What makes Communion holy is what and who it represents, not the elements we use. So, use what you have! If you have bread and wine or grape juice, that’s wonderful! If you have crackers, Cheerios, milk, or even water – perfect! Use whatever you have to bring to the table and we will take Communion “together” as a church family.


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