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Matt’s Blog: Believe It to See It

Flood Family,

“I’ll believe it when I see it.” Have you ever heard someone say that, or maybe even said it yourself? Many of us carry a level of skepticism and wariness about things we hear, not really trusting we’re being told the truth until we can see it with our own eyes. Perhaps the most famous biblical example of this is the all-too-relatable Thomas, who was absent from the first post-resurrection appearance of Jesus to the other disciples, and wouldn’t believe their account until Jesus appeared again and invited Thomas to touch his crucifixion wounds in order to be convinced. Even the testimony of his 10 closest friends wasn’t enough for Thomas!

Many Christians take this same approach to the realm of the supernatural. Modern society maintains that we must reject everything that cannot be observed in the natural world. To believe that there is more than meets the eye would call into question our intelligence, and maybe even our sanity. However, the perspective of modern society is not the perspective of the Bible. Scripture is clear that there is a primary source of lack and evil in the world today. The Evil One, the Enemy, the Adversary, Satan, whatever your name is for it, it is real, and it is dangerous. As followers of Jesus, we need a clear understanding of this being’s character and intentions so that we can be ready for its flaming arrows that will undoubtedly come our way.

While society says we must see something in order to believe it, we know that once we accept the reality of the Evil One, we’ll see it for what it is and how it seeks to divide, kill, steal, and destroy. As Jesus said to Thomas, blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe. Join us on Sunday as we continue our series XXIII: The Satisfied Life by looking at the source of lack and evil in the world, and how we can overcome it through Christ. We are live every Sunday at at 9am, 11am, and 7pm.

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