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Matt’s Blog: Slow Motion

Flood Family,

I love watching all kinds of movies. Comedies, adventure, sci fi, historical dramas, and of course, summer blockbuster action-thriller movies. One of the ways action movies grab our attention is the way they use slow-mo. In a fast-paced movie, slow-mo is a technique used for dramatic effect, in order to drive our attention to small details that then achieve significance to us as the viewer.

These days, our lives are moving at such a rate, I wonder how many of us are able to slow down enough to pay attention to the small details, the things God might want us to notice and see as significant? God didn’t create us to live in such a hurry. God created us for loving relationship with Him, and that relationship can only be cultivated as we slow down the pace of our lives and give God more of our time and attention.

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be with God.

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