Friday, June 12|Stories

Friday Stories: Safe Families

Today’s inspiring Story of Hope & Healing comes from Emily and Adam Rapkin of our Flood North County campus:

A couple years ago, we began to pray about having a third baby and adding to our family of 4 (we have a 5 year old son Owen, and an almost 3 year old daughter Ella). We sensed God saying that He wanted to grow our family – but in a different way. We remembered learning about an organization called Safe Families a few years ago, whose mission is to provide immediate relief through the church to families in crisis. Parents in need, most of whom don’t have other resources and feel desperate, can contact Safe Families for help. Then, partner families can step in and say “I will take care of your child while you take the necessary steps to take care of yourself and your family.” Homelessness, job loss, addiction, domestic violence, and rehab are the primary stressors and these parents feel desperate to keep their children safe.

This past year we’ve had the privilege of hosting 3 small children in our home at different times. Each child and each story has been so different, however each time God has met us in a powerful way. We have seen our own children love in ways that are indescribable. Our own hearts have grown and become protective of these kids in ways we didn’t expect. When we hear about the hardship these kids have already faced it truly is heartbreaking – fathers in prison for abuse and drugs, living on the streets or in cars, drug addiction, etc.

It’s easy to become angry or to just want to ignore it, but with the COVID-19 stay at home orders, needs for partner families were higher than ever. Financial stressors, increased rates of domestic violence, and isolation were putting so many kids at risk. Even though we had originally planned to take in children younger than our youngest, Adam and I felt God inviting us to be open to whoever He might send our way. The little boy who arrived was almost 5 years old, and the youngest of 5 children. His mom was in an in-patient rehab program, but her ability to stay depended on finding placements for her kids. Even though he was our shortest hosting, and only stayed with us for a couple of weeks, it was truly amazing to see God show up for us every day – and we needed it! We didn’t feel equipped, but God reminded us daily that He is strong in our weaknesses, and that HIS kingdom is coming! I’m so thankful that we could be a safe place for that little boy, and that we got to return him to his mom, who is starting a new trajectory for her life and her family!

What a privilege that God has chosen our family to partner with Him in the Kingdom work of Safe Families. We have been so blessed by this experience in our family. While it hasn’t always been easy, it has been one of the most rewarding and deepening experiences we have gone through as a family. We are so grateful the Lord has chosen us for this mission and would welcome anyone else who would be interested in coming along side us to help fill this need and further His Kingdom work.

This is just one of the many incredible stories of our community being a Christ-centered movement of hope & healing! It’s all possible because of your faithful giving, which is more important than ever. Give toward this vision today at or on Venmo @flood-church (only for gifts under $100, please)


Originally hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Emily and Adam Rapkin currently live in North San Diego County with their son, Owen, and daughter, Ella.