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Matt’s Blog: Lament

Flood Family,

On Sunday, I invited you to enter into grief by writing your own lament using this worksheet. How do we lament? Lament, the grieving and naming of what is unjust and wrong in our lives and in the world, is a healthy process that can heal us and connect us with the pain of the world and the joy of the Lord. We often avoid grief because we’re afraid of the pain it will cause. However, the best way to move through grief is to go through it, not around it. Practicing good grief means acknowledging the significance of our losses, waiting and surrendering in the confusing in-between, and believing and trusting that someday, the old will birth the new.

Today I share with you my lament, a reflection of the loss and injustices I am grieving today. May it be an encouragement to you to name your own laments today, and in it find healing and strength from the Lord.



How long, O Lord, will injustice and division fill our nation?

How long, O Lord, will people turn their backs on one another’s pain?

How long, O Lord, will we neglect to extend love and mercy to our neighbor?

We lament the loss of life and division due to racial injustice and violence in our nation.

We lament that we claim Your name but fail to follow Your ways.

Abba Father who is always near, Lord Jesus and Indwelling Holy Spirit, we are your beloved children,
calling out to you.

Lord, we confess our own anger, sadness, weariness, and confusion. We confess our sense of helplessness to make what is wrong, right.

We lament the ways that the Church has been complicit to racial injustice.

Lord, open our eyes to see the reality of racial injustice and the deeply entrenched falsehood of racial hierarchy. Open our eyes to see clearly how we and our systems have been shaped by this lie. Grant us humility and repentance to recognize our own sin and bias. Help us to hear one another. Holy Spirit, empower us and give us grace for the deep challenges facing our country. Bring unity to the Church as we partner together so that the world knows that you Jesus are Lord.

Lord, bring hope. Bring healing. Change hearts. Change lives. Change our communities, policies and practices.

Thank you Jesus that in your goodness and love, you are working to overcome evil. Thank you Lord that you hear us. You see us. You love us. You are near to the suffering.

Lord, I praise you that you are at work in this significant moment in history. I have been moved by the global response to racial injustice. You have used this season to remind me how much I and our world need you! Thank you for the gift of our church family and our desire to partner with you in the good work you are doing to see your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. I praise you Lord for your faithfulness. You generously provide
everything we need.

In Jesus’s name. Amen.