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Matt’s Blog: Good Grief

Flood Family,

If you’ve been a part of Flood for any amount of time, you may have noticed that I’m a man who often shows my emotions freely. And sometimes that involves tears – when I’m sad, when I’m overjoyed, when I’m deeply moved – in fact, our staff has even adopted a nickname for this occurrence at our staff meetings: my Tuesday Tears.

In reality, I wish that more of us (especially men!) felt the freedom to cry when we need to. To weep is a natural response to the things that happen in our lives and in our world that cause us pain. As Scripture famously says, Jesus wept. Too many of us don’t know how to lament the brokenness around us. Although I often shed tears, I am still learning. I grew up in a loving home, but a home that lacked empathy where it was not encouraged for me to express grief, sadness, and fear. Like many of you, I am learning how to grieve well. When Jesus wept, he was not just shedding tears, He was acknowledging the significance of the loss and the brokenness of the world. We avoid grief because we’re afraid of the pain it will cause, but the truth is that good grieving can actually heal that pain and bring us more in touch with the pain of the world and the joy of the Lord.

Join us this Sunday at at 9am, 11am, and 7pm as we continue our series A World of Trouble: Life in the Midst of Anxiety, as we learn to lament like Jesus. We will be using some of our time together to write our own laments, so please print out this worksheet so that you can participate with us.

Together on the Journey,

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