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Matt’s Blog: Dormancy

Flood Family,

Nearly everything on earth, from the mighty Sequoia to the tiny meadow jumping mouse, has seasons of dormancy. These times of dormancy are when they stop producing and growing and striving, and focus their attention and energy inward. After a time, they emerge from that dormancy rested and ready to engage in new life.

Many scientists believe that we humans are also hard-wired for this kind of work/rest rhythm, but most of us live at a faster and faster pace, never resting or focusing our attention to our inner world. So when we see Jesus withdraw from the press of the crowds and retreat to a place of rest, even when there are still lepers to heal and people to feed, we recognize a rhythm that is unfamiliar yet irresistible to our souls. Jesus is honoring the deep spiritual rhythm for a time away from work, dedicated not to accomplishment and growth but to retreat and rest.

Join us on Sunday as we continue our new series XXIII: The Satisfied Life, exploring what Psalm 23 reveals to us about the kind of rest our Shepherd God offers to us. As always, we’ll be live at at 9am, 11am, and 7pm.

Together on the Journey,

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