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Matt’s Blog: Summer Fruit

Flood Family,

My wife Roxanne grew up not far from her grandparents’ vineyard in Northern California. As kids they spent summers walking out amongst the vines, plucking red, green, and purple grapes from the bunches that looked plump and ready to eat. Their entire family, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, waited and looked forward to the time when the grapes were just right and ripe on the vine, sweetened by the summer sun to perfection. Each August, her grandparents hosted a Harvest celebration with extended family and friends, tables piled high with fresh fruit and grapes picked straight from the vines. The entire family waited all summer anticipating this family gathering and celebrating Harvest, grateful for the beauty of God’s goodness and provision. When I joined the family, it became a celebration I looked forward to as well!

This week, our staff spent time reflecting on which fruits of the Spirit we are needing most in this season. It reminded me of how important it is to wait on the Lord for what we need. When Pentecost first arrived, the followers of Jesus had been waiting on the Lord together in Jerusalem for 50 days. And when the Lord showed up in power and glory, it was definitely worth the wait! The Church was born that day, bearing fruit beyond those first disciples’ wildest dreams. When we wait on the Lord and abide in Jesus, we too will bear fruit beyond anything we can hope and imagine.

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Together on the Journey,

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