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Friday Stories: Prayer is God’s Grace

Hi Flood Family,

My name is Lindsay, and I serve on Flood’s prayer team, and with the Flood Kids check-in team. I am generally a 9am attender and sit in the front right of the auditorium. Except right now – right now I sit in my PJs on the couch! I am grateful for all of you, and want you to know that I consider praying for you to be a great privilege. Rely on us more!

I deeply believe that God has warned us that this life will be hard, AND that He has told us that we are not supposed to struggle through it alone.

Being a part of the prayer team is a tangible way for me to show up for the deepest needs and experiences in our congregation, to come alongside my brothers and sisters and join them in all seasons: times of pain, praise, longing, confusion, hopelessness, joy, etc. It is my privilege and pleasure to intercede in prayer on behalf of others. I believe that God has called us to do this, and that prayer is powerful!

My husband Andrew and I joined the prayer team about 5 years ago. At that time we led pre-service prayer twice a month for whomever was speaking. In 2016, we had a baby and pre-service prayer became more challenging, so in 2017 I shifted to inputting prayer requests from our handwritten connection cards into the online prayer system before they are sent out to the prayer team each week to be prayed over. I also stand up in the front of the auditorium after the message to offer prayer during the 9am or 11 am gathering. These are the primary ways I serve on the prayer team!

When I was in college I heard a sermon on Galatians 6 that stayed with me. In Gal 6:2 it reads “Share each other’s troubles and problems, and in this way obey the law of Christ.” A few verses later in 6:5 it says, “for we are each responsible for our own conduct.” In verse 5 the individual responsibilities translate to a burden that is backpack size–something that we can carry on our own and sludge through with God. But in verse 2 the troubles and problems translate to a burden that is a huge weight, a heavy load; it is a burden that God longs for the body of Christ to help us carry. I worry that too many Christians, especially in individualistic cultures like ours, believe they are supposed to take on this hard life alone (at best, just them and God), or are otherwise too ashamed, proud, nervous, private, etc. to reach out for help.

God tells us to bear with one another in love. Praying for others and praying over others is one way we can do this. Asking for prayer from others can at times be hard, especially if you are in a prolonged season of pain and self-conscious about still having a hard time and asking for the same prayers over and over. I’ve been there. But I want to encourage you that finding friends, loved ones, or a church community who will consistently and fervently pray for you is such a rich gift, and one that Flood’s prayer team is honored to give you. Hebrews 6:18 says “Therefore, we who have fled to him for refuge can take new courage, for we can hold on to the promise with confidence.”

I know, from experience, that sometimes we feel strong enough to approach God and petition for our deepest longings and praise Him for our deepest joys, and other times we feel too weak, too hopeless, to get the words out. On both ends of the spectrum and anywhere in between we are here to intercede for you…To seek God’s refuge and peace on your behalf.

Scripture tells us that we have this power for one another, and I have experienced it myself time and time again. I encourage you to reach out and ask for prayer if you feel the tug in your heart. It is a grace that God gives to us.

Praying for you,


Lindsay has been a part of the Flood Family for over 11 years. She and her husband Andrew live in San Diego with their son and two cats.