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Matt’s Blog: COVID-19 FAQs

May 20, 2020

Flood Family,

I hope you were able to join us on Monday night for our very first online Flood Family Meeting! While I missed sharing a meal together, I was encouraged and energized to see so many familiar names participating and interacting online. We were able to address the most common questions (responses below) we have been hearing and finished with a live Q&A. If you weren’t able to join in, good news! We recorded the meeting and I invite you to watch the video linked here. If you have any additional questions, please let me know by emailing [email protected].

We are grateful for each of you as we seek to live out God’s calling to be a movement of Hope and Healing here in San Diego and beyond.

Lastly, we’re asking everyone to update their contact information at 

Together on the Journey,

Watch our virtual Flood Family Meeting HERE


When will we begin meeting in person again?

We will begin meeting in person again through a phased approach that will begin with small group settings and build up to Sunday worship gatherings and large events. Our desire is to take a posture of preparation over prediction, as guidelines and conditions related to COVID-19 unfold. Our San Diego Campus meets at Kearny High school, which is unavailable through June. Our North County Campus meets at La Paloma Theater, which is currently unavailable as well. As restrictions loosen and facilities become available, we will share that information with you.

In the meantime, we are dedicated to maintaining a meaningful “Flood at Home” experience each and every Sunday. We will also continue to provide curriculum kits and weekly videos for Flood Kids. Flood Youth will continue gathering online each week, and our Groups and Workshops will continue online as well. We have seen great benefit from offering our Sunday worship gatherings online. Our desire is to continue our “online campus” even when in-person gatherings begin again.

We are grateful for your flexibility and grace in this uncharted territory. Our desire is to make decisions from a posture of spiritual discernment, asking What do Love and Wisdom require of us in this season as we move forward together. We appreciate your prayers in this regard. We also ask that you continue to share these online opportunities with friends, family, and neighbors in need of hope right now. It has never been easier to invite someone to church!

How is the church doing financially right now?

The pandemic has created much financial uncertainty. Upon learning of the stay at home orders, we shifted to a month to month budget and reduced expenses by 20%. We are grateful to share that through your faithful giving, our needs are being met! Please continue to give faithfully at or Venmo @flood-church (Venmo is for gifts under $100 and is not tax-deductible). We continue to give away 10% of all giving to support amazing work both locally and globally.

In addition, we launched the “Have a Need/Meet a Need” initiative to help those in our community affected by the loss of income and other challenges. We have been so encouraged by the generosity expressed by those meeting needs, and for the humility of those expressing a need. Our pastor of Community Engagement, Abby Dyer, has been overseeing this ministry. If you have a need or can meet a need, please connect with her at [email protected]

What is happening with our building project?

For those that don’t know, we bought a 24,000 square foot two story building in December 2018 to serve as the permanent home for our San Diego Campus and home base for our movement around the world. The building is centrally located (4772 Alvarado Canyon, SD, CA) and was built in 1965 as a factory for the development of film. We are reimagining the space to be a place for the development of people, and have been diligently working on a renovation plan for this purpose.

Several months ago, we submitted our final plans to the City of San Diego for construction permits. They gave us their corrections, we responded and recently resubmitted our plans. As you can imagine, the City has experienced delays due to COVID-19, so we are hoping to receive final permits at the end of May. Once given permission, construction will begin with a proposed completion date of January 2021. Please pray that there are
no more delays!

What is happening with the HOME Campaign?

Last year, we launched a 3 year initiative called the HOME Campaign to fund our building project. Many of you gave one-time gifts and/or made 3 year pledges, which has allowed us to get to this point. Thank you for your generosity and faithful fulfillment of your pledges! Moving forward, we are in need of approximately $1,000,000 to complete construction. For those not currently pledging, we are asking you to consider making a 2 year pledge and/or one time gift. You can do this all at, logging in and selecting Building Fund. We are receiving a construction loan through our denominational lender, but need to see it paid off upon move-in. 

For those who made pledges, we kindly ask that you continue to fulfill them. We know the pandemic has created much uncertainty and have great understanding for each circumstance. If you need to make any adjustments to your pledge, please let us know by emailing [email protected].