Saturday, February 8|Sunday Sneak Peak


Flood Family,

The human brain is the most powerful and intricate instrument ever created. It is the center of the human nervous system, controlling our thoughts, logic, movements, memories, analysis, and decisions. Even with all of the time and research that has been dedicated to understanding it, there are still features of the human brain that remain a vast and wonderful mystery.

However, the human brain is also where fear resides, where the “monkey mind” that swings from thought to thought all day long can take over and leave us unsettled, restless, and confused. The monkey mind likes to
disguise fear as rational thinking, coming up with reasons to play it safe, stay in our comfort zones, and never
change or grow.

For followers of Jesus seeking to discern and do God’s will, we need to pay close attention to when, how, and how often we’re turning to our own logic, reason, and intellect to make decisions. Since God has given us this incomparable tool, we also ought to trust God to guide us in how to use it for our good and God’s glory.

Join us on Sunday as we continue our series, Still Small: Discerning God’s Voice in a Noisy Life, by looking at how to use our heads in the practice of discernment.

– Pastor Grace Wilkinson