Saturday, January 11|Sunday Sneak Peak

Noise Pollution

Flood Family,

Often when we hear the word “pollution,” we think of smog-filled skies and contaminated waterways, but there are other types of pollution that can negatively impact our well-being just as much. Most of us endure noise pollution (like street traffic, construction noise, and the constant barrage of muzak in elevators and malls) and that isn’t good for us. Research shows that all this noise can have serious implications for our health and even delay our children’s psychological and physical development.

Too much noise in our lives can also affect our spiritual development. When we can’t seem to hear the still, small voice of God through the cacophony and chaos of daily life, we can lose our sense of his presence and leading. We believe that Christ is alive today, and wants us to know his will and follow him – but how can we hope to follow Christ, when we don’t know where he wants to take us?

Join us this Sunday as we begin a new series, Still Small: Discerning God’s Voice in a Noisy Life, looking at how we recognize and respond to the presence, activity, and words of God in the big and small moments of life.

– Pastor Grace Wilkinson