Saturday, January 4|Sunday Sneak Peak

Looking Back to Move Forward

Flood Family,

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” While this famous quote from writer and philosopher George Santayana is foreboding, there is a hopeful message buried within it. The past can be our greatest teacher, if we have the humility required to look back and learn the lessons it so generously offers. For Christians, perhaps the wisest thing we can do is learn from the best of our faith’s history and traditions so that we might discover new and more relevant ways to follow Jesus and embody the Kingdom of God on earth today.

It therefore seems appropriate to begin the new year by renewing our commitment to the shared vision for the universal Church, and how God has called Flood to be a unique expression of that vision. What can we learn from one of the most effective and influential congregations of the early church in Antioch about how to become a transformational, Christ-centered movement of hope & healing in our culture and context today? And what does it mean for you and I to commit our lives to this movement?

Join us Sunday as we look back to move forward.

– Pastor Grace Wilkinson