Saturday, November 23|Sunday Sneak Peak

Mama Bear

Flood Family,

Midway through my junior year of high school, I was nursing my first broken heart. Around that same time, my mom attended one of my high school’s big pep rallies (probably to watch me in some nerdy ASB skit). Much to my absolute horror, she somehow managed to “bump” into the very boy who’d broken my heart, and took that opportunity to tell him exactly what she thought of him and his choices… right in front of about 50 of my classmates. I was, of course, mortified, humiliated, and furious at my mom for interfering. But that’s the thing about mama bears – hurt one of her cubs, and she’ll tear you to pieces without batting an eye.

Our relationships with our moms can be complex, layered, and complicated – but psychology tells us that it’s one of the most important and foundational connections we have, and it has major implications for everything from how we manage stress to how optimistic and confident we are. Even Jesus, God made flesh, had a deeply complex relationship with his mom, Mary. Yet throughout the Gospels, we see how he navigated both loving and honoring her, and staying obedient to the ultimate purpose to which he was called.

Join us this Sunday as conclude our series, Why Can’t We Be Friends? Difficult People Worth Fighting For, by looking at Jesus’ relationship with his mom.

– Pastor Grace Wilkinson

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