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Flood Family,

We gathered last Thursday evening at our quarterly Flood Family Meeting to celebrate an amazing summer and to share important updates, including the latest on our new church home! Here are some highlights:

Budget & Spending

Flood’s budget year runs from September – August, which means that we are in the final few days of our fiscal year. As I look back over the past year, I am encouraged and humbled by God’s provision for our church. Because of your continued faithful giving and our staff’s diligent use of funds, we feel confident that we will finish the fiscal year in good shape. As we continue our Home Campaign, consistent giving to our General Fund will be vitally important so that we can continue the ministry the Lord has called us to. You can give today at:

Leadership Updates

Josh Kettles and Kaitlyn Herrscher are completing their Graduate Internships on August 31st. We will be commissioning Josh at each of our worship gatherings on Sunday, September 1st. Kaitlyn will be staying on in her role as the Hospitality Coordinator for our San Diego Campus through December, as she prepares to begin work with our sister church in Blantyre, Malawi.

We shared with you at May’s Flood Family Meeting that we were at the beginning of a search process for someone who can provide leadership to worship, music, and prayer at Flood. We are still in that discernment process, and are currently considering two candidates that rose to the surface this summer. We are confident that God will provide the right person for our church!

We want to continue to prioritize ministering to college students and young adults. Recently, we extended an offer to a candidate to become our college/young adult pastor, and I’m excited to share that he has verbally agreed to join our team! We’re not yet able to share his name or expected start date, but we hope to soon. In the meantime, please pray that this process continues to unfold smoothly and in God’s timing.

Building Update

Lastly, we shared some exciting updates about our new building! In December 2018, we purchased a 1960s era film factory with dreams of transforming it into a vision-forward gathering space for ministry on Sundays and throughout the week. At Thursday’s meeting, we were joined by our Project Manager, Jamie Looney.

I appreciate many things about Jamie, especially the way he thinks and the questions he asks in order to move the building process forward in a cost-effective and efficient manner. I appreciate the sense of call he has for the work he is doing. Jamie desires to help churches build and renovate because he loves to be a part of creating beautiful spaces for people to worship the living God. We are grateful to have Jamie leading the building process and I have enjoyed working with him over the last few months.

One of Jamie’s primary objectives is to find ways for us to minimize renovation costs and occupy the building as quickly as possible, and he’s already made strides in this area. For example, one initial report assumed the roof was built using 2×4 boards, which would mean we would need a new roof. However, Jamie did a separate inspection and discovered that the roof is actually made up of 2x6s, meaning it is safer and stronger – and doesn’t need to be replaced! That alone will result in significant cost and time savings for the renovation, and is just one example of the value he brings to this project.

Here is an estimated timeline for the building project. Please continue to ask for God’s grace and provision
in this process.

August 27-30 Secure structural report
September 9-20 Begin pre-permit site work and interior demolition
October 2019 Submit building plans to the city of San Diego
October 2019 -April/June 2020 Permit processing and pre-inspection construction

The construction is estimated to take 4 to 6 months. If all goes smoothly, we hope to be in the building at this time next year!

I am encouraged and excited by these developments, but we still have a long way to go before this dream becomes a reality. If you haven’t yet made a pledge to the Home Campaign, please prayerfully consider doing so today. I am asking for 100% participation from everyone who calls Flood home. Because of the timeline above, now is the time when we need everyone to make their 3-year pledge and give their initial financial gift. You can make your pledge online at

As we wrap up another wonderful summer at Flood, there is so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for you – for your faithfulness, your prayers, and the way you live out our movement of hope & healing each and every day.

Together on this God-dependent Journey,