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Friday Stories: God in the Garden

Growing up, I was never really into gardening the way my parents were – pulling weeds, planting, and just generally getting down into the dirt never appealed to me all that much.

However, I’ve always loved participating in Flood events like the Kearny Spring Clean or other community volunteer projects that seek to improve upon existing spaces. So, when I drove past the building that will be the future home of Flood back in May, I realized that all the rainfall the winter brought meant that the plants and weeds had become wildly overgrown, and the property had become an eyesore to the neighborhood. We want to be a church that loves our neighbors – and while Flood isn’t occupying the space yet, it seemed like there was an opportunity to be good stewards of the building and grounds on behalf of those around it.

As a result, Flood’s Building Beautification Team was created. We knew that there were probably other Floodsters who had the same heart for beautifying spaces, or who simply loved to garden. I felt drawn to leading the endeavor, and put an ad in the Sunday Flyer. Sure enough, I soon began to receive emails from people wanting to join me. While we started out small and mighty with just 5 volunteers on Saturday mornings, week after week God provided, and various people would come and spend two hours tending to our future space.

It was awesome to see this niche community bonding and connecting over a common interest. It’s given me the opportunity not only to serve Flood in a tangible way, but also to meet so many wonderful people over the 8 weeks that we’ve been working together.

I will admit that things took longer than I expected – the new building has a very large outdoor space! One of my goals was to be able to accomplish this huge undertaking without it being a financial burden on our church, so after brainstorming what to do next (and not ready to give up and hire a yard crew)

I organized an all-church Building Beautification Day and decided to surrender and see how God would move… and move He did!

I was blown away on the morning of Saturday, July 13 when 20 people arrived, including the Young Adults Pastor and his wife from a neighboring church! People came equipped with tools, sharing with those who didn’t have any. Everyone worked so hard and together, we made some serious progress!

There’s still a little bit left to do, so our small but dedicated team will meet once or twice more to finish what we started. Then, we’ll be able to meet just once a month to maintain the property and stay on top of any weeds that try to grow back. After all of the hours spent there, I’ve become quite attached to our new building, and am so excited about how God will work in and through Flood once we’re moved in! It is going to be amazing!

There are a lot of great memories and takeaways I have from this project, but the biggest is this –

God is good, and He never ceases to show up and meet the needs of His people.

Lindsey Lee

Lindsey works as Flood’s receptionist, and leads a coed group for late 20 and 30-somethings that meets on Thursday nights. She loves brunch, and being outdoors in the San Diego sunshine.