Saturday, August 3|Sunday Sneak Peak

Level Up

Flood Family,

In his book, Good to Great, Jim Collins develops a theory of a hierarchy of leadership levels. The highest level of leadership is L5, the Executive. Collins contrasts L5 leaders and L4 leaders this way: while L4 leaders focus on making their company or organization a success during their reign, they’re more concerned about their greatness and ego rather than the future of the organization. L5 leaders, on the other hand, are singularly concerned that the organization continues to be great success, long after they have left the helm. While both L4 and L5 leaders are ambitious and capable, there is one quality L5 leaders possess that make all the difference – humility. They know intuitively that their work is about something bigger than themselves, and they are willing to pour everything they have into their cause. 

Moses has all the makings of an L5 leader, but finds himself in dire need of help from an outside perspective to rise to the occasion. Join us on Sunday as we look at how biblical humility creates space for others to lead through our series, Ex: A Deliverance Deferred.

– Pastor Grace Wilkinson