Saturday, August 10|Sunday Sneak Peak

Fly Like An Eagle

Flood Family,

Like any good (and nerdy) pastor, I love Lord of the Rings. One of the most epic scenes in the entire trilogy of films has to be in the aftermath of Frodo completing his quest and throwing the One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom, as he and Sam lie on the slopes of the burning mountain, resigned to their impending deaths. Just as you think their fates are sealed, a miracle happens. Gandalf and the Great Eagles of Valinor arrive to rescue Frodo and Sam. They are saved.

This powerful image of miraculous rescue is exactly what God wants to remind the Israelites, as they finally arrive at Mt. Sinai and prepare to receive His covenant. But can the Israelites surrender to God’s call to obedience and worship? Find out this Sunday as we continue our series on Exodus called Ex: A Deliverance Deferred.

– Pastor Grace Wilkinson

P.S. But seriously, why didn’t they just ride the Great Eagles all the way from the Council of Elrond to Mount Doom in the first movie?? So easy… 9 hours of film becomes a 45-minute movie. Done.