Saturday, July 13|Sunday Sneak Peak

Why is This Night Different?

Flood Family,

Growing up in a Jewish and Catholic household (a story for another time), I’ve participated in quite a few Passover Seders. The Seder is a feast of remembrance that includes readings, telling stories, singing, and eating special foods. As the youngest in my family, one role at the Passover Seder was reserved especially for me – being the “question asker.” In Jewish tradition, the youngest child at the meal gets to ask their elders to explain: ‘Why is this night different from all other nights?’

This question initiates one of the most significant elements of the Passover, reading the story of the Exodus from Egypt. You see, remembering what God has done, and passing those memories down through the generations, is one of the central pillars of the Jewish faith. It is how we recognize that the God of the Exodus – of miraculous deliverance, divine justice, and abounding mercy, is the same God who is alive and active today.

Join us on Sunday as we look at the account of God’s justice and mercy through the first Passover in our series, Ex: A Deliverance Deferred.

– Pastor Grace Wilkinson