Saturday, June 8|Sunday Sneak Peak

The Money Pit

Flood Family,

One of the first movies I remember watching was 1986’s “The Money Pit” starring America’s Sweetheart, Tom Hanks. It’s a classic comedy of errors, in which a couple on a tight budget buy a home they’re led to believe is steal of a deal – and turns out to be a disaster waiting to happen. The staircase collapses, the plumbing is full of gunk, the electrical system catches fire, the bathtub crashes through the floor, the chimney collapses, and a raccoon is living in the dumbwaiter. In fact, it seems like the only reliable part of the house is the foundation!

Any builder will tell you that solid foundation is the key to a solid structure; at the very end of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus says the same about our lives. The bedrock upon which we build our lives will determine how stable we are, especially in the storms that will inevitably come.

Join us this Sunday as we conclude our series Gold School: The Golden Rule in Our Tarnished World by looking at Jesus’ final words to his disciples in the Sermon on the Mount.

– Pastor Grace Wilkinson

P.S. Don’t forget about our Summer Kickoff, happening THIS Sunday! We’ll be having family-style potlucks after each gathering, so bring a friend and a dish of bite-sized treats that serves 6-8 to the gathering you’re attending, drop off your dish at the Welcome Tent on your way into the gathering, and then stick around after to enjoy a meal together! Learn more at: