Saturday, June 1|Sunday Sneak Peak


Flood Family,

True and false tests ought to be easy, right? A statement is either true, or it isn’t. Yet one quick glance at the political climate of our country reveals that virtually every statement has layers to it, and all of varying degrees of truth or falsity. How can we know for certain what is true? Do we come down hard on one side and refuse to hear any opposing arguments? Do we try to linger in a place of ambivalence for as long as possible? Do we hedge our bets, like this creative test-taker?

Discerning truth is an increasingly fraught exercise for us as followers of Jesus in the world today. In fact, Jesus assures us that not only is there objective truth, but also that we can recognize it – if we only know what to look for.

Join us this Sunday as we take a deep and discerning look at true versus false.

– Pastor Grace Wilkinson

P.S. The Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon is happening this Sunday, June 2, which could mean road closures and detours that may affect your route to Flood. Click here to see what roads are affected.