Friday, May 24|HOME Campaign

Matt’s Blog: The God-Dependent Journey

Flood Family,

Many of us gathered this past Tuesday for our quarterly Flood Family Meeting. We enjoyed a delicious Homestyle Hawaiian meal together, preparing for the summer season at Flood. I wanted to share some of the updates, including the latest on our new church home.

This year we are on a God-dependent journey together, as we trust God to provide for our new church home.

Along with that priority, we have been seeking to increase meaningful participation on Sundays, increase the emotional health of our church body and increase our multi-ethnic witness. We have taken intentional steps this year toward each of these priorities, and are grateful for what we have been learning in the process. In addition, we have opened a search for a Worship and Prayer Director, and will be commissioning Pastor Adam Klekowski, our Executive Pastor, into a sabbatical that will take place from July 1 – September 8.

As for our building, we are off to a great start in raising the necessary funds for the renovation, as we transform a former factory used for developing film into our new church home that will be used for developing people. Our goal has been to raise $6,000,000. We have been encouraged by many people’s sacrifice and participation in our initial efforts, raising the most funds ever in our church’s 18 year history in just over 2 months!


We are off to a great start; however, we have a much greater need, so we are taking the following under consideration to ensure we can move in over the next 12-18 months:

  1. We have seen a little over 50% of our regular givers participate in the HOME Campaign, and we are hopeful there are many who will still participate as this is a 3 year campaign. We are seeking 100% participation from those who call Flood their home church. We ask that all giving be over and above your giving to the General Fund.
  2. We have seen people increase their pledge and/or give additional gifts in response to our remaining need to help close the gap. We encourage you to consider any adjustments you could make.
  3. We are working to secure financing, though we do not want to borrow beyond our means.
  4. In light of current fundraising totals, we are in the process of adjusting our build-out, phases and timeline to better match what we have on hand.
  5. We are seeking to hire a Project Manager to guide us through this uncharted territory and help us achieve our goals as a community in a cost-effective manner. We are meeting with a candidate soon and will keep you updated on any decisions that are made.
  6. In the meantime, our priority is to continue to steward our resources well. We are finalizing details with the landlord of our office space to move into a third of our existing office and midweek ministry space on Ruffin Road by July 1st. While this will be a tight fit, we want to prioritize all the ministry that happens there throughout the week. We’ve always done a lot with a little, and appreciate your grace and support as we make this transition.

In summary, our building plans continue to move forward. Our desire is to move in as quickly as possible, so we will continue to prioritize good design, budget, and fundraising. There are 3 ways you can help us right now:


  • Our new building has some basic maintenance needs, from weed pulling to some repairs. If you are interested in joining our Building Maintenance Team, please email [email protected].
  • Join a Sunday team for the summer (Kids, Hospitality, Security, Setup/Teardown) by serving once a month. Email [email protected].
  • We will also be announcing ways in which you can help us consolidate our office space during the last two weeks of June.


  • If you have yet to make a pledge and initial offering towards our new home, please make your commitment online at or give any Sunday at the Welcome Tent
  • If you are participating, we welcome any new gifts or increases to your pledge. You can make adjustments online or on Sunday at the Welcome Tent.


  • Please continue to pray for this process. Pray that the Lord provides. Pray for good decision making. Pray for alignment. Pray for our staff, as this is a significant addition to our week to week ministry.
  • Email [email protected] to join our Prayer Team.


We are looking forward to a fantastic summer as we continue this God-dependent journey together!