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Friday Stories: Our God is So Good

After being diagnosed with cancer about a year and a half ago, I was feeling terrified and helpless.

As a wife and mother of two young daughters, I just couldn’t believe I was being faced with this diagnosis.

Knowing that the coming year was going to be full of many challenges for our young family, I decided to share the news of my diagnosis with my daughter’s kindergarten teacher on a Sunday morning, as the family was getting ready for church. She was incredibly kind and sympathetic, and asked if she could introduce me to Teresa King. Teresa was a friend of hers who was also diagnosed with cancer a few years before. Immediately I said yes, of course, that I would love for her to put us in touch.

Our family headed to Flood that morning and while we were signing our girls into Flood Kids, I looked up and saw a woman standing right in front of me, whose name tag said Teresa. I turned to my husband and told him to take the girls to their classes without me. Something inside me told me it was the woman the kindergarten teacher had told me about. With tears welling up in my eyes, I walked up to her and said, “Are you by any chance Teresa King?” With a big smile, she said, “Yes!” Just then, my tears started flowing freely down my cheeks as I explained my situation – that I was recently diagnosed with cancer, and that my daughter’s teacher had wanted us to meet. She told me how sorry she was and wrapped me up in a big hug. We both knew in that moment that not only did my daughter’s teacher want us to meet, but God did too. God had brought us together.

When she wrapped her arms around me, I felt her love and support – and I felt like I was being hugged by the Lord himself.

Teresa said, “Our God is so good” and I knew in that moment I wasn’t alone. She and I became fast friends, and she was an amazing support to me throughout my entire treatment, which was the exact same treatment she went through with her cancer. She was there for me in ways that only a person who has gone through the same experience could be.

I thank the Lord for bringing Teresa into my life. Her presence has strengthened my faith. Our God is so good! Don’t get me wrong – treatment was rough. But my faith in God and the support of my family and friends got me through it. Today, I am cancer free and I have never felt stronger – in my body or in my faith. Getting baptized at Flood on Palm Sunday, and having Teresa and my daughter’s kindergarten teacher and my family there to support me meant the world to me.

~ Lindsey