Saturday, April 6|Sunday Sneak Peak

Come to Jesus

Flood Family,

Have you noticed that the phrase “come-to-Jesus moment” is beginning to show up everywhere? Even in our largely post-Christian culture, people who have no real interest in following Jesus use the phrase to describe having an epiphany or realizing an essential truth – or when they need to come clean and admit failure or take responsibility for wrongdoing.

Why is this? Why are people drawn to Jesus (who they may not even believe in) during moments of truth and insight? I believe it’s because deep within us, we know that with Jesus, there is no pretense. With Jesus, there is only truth – and grace. Consider the woman at the well in John 4 – he doesn’t sugar-coat the truth about her life, but he also doesn’t condemn her for it. What does he do? He offers her a new way to live. A way that is honest and forgiven. A way that sets her free.

Grace and truth might seem like opposite ideals, but for us at Flood, they are inseparable and essential elements of the with-God life.

Join us on Sunday as we take a deeper look at our primary value.

– Pastor Grace Wilkinson

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