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Kim’s Story: Prayer Works

Hi! I’m Kim.

My husband Joel and I will be married for 20 years this August, and we have two boys – Joshua is a freshman in college in Boston, and Zane is a seven-year-old who loves basketball and golf, even more than candy.

My family and I joined some friends at Flood about 8 years ago, and have been members ever since.

Last summer, I was so excited to hear that Flood wanted to look for a permanent home – but I was a bit skeptical when I learned about the details. I work for a commercial real estate developer, so I felt like I understood what that means in San Diego. Candidly speaking, I knew right away that there were no buildings in the desired area for the desired size at the desired price. I felt an inner struggle of excitement and hope versus “back to life, back to reality.” The prospects were slim to say the least.

Fast forward several months later, and I’m so happy to share that the excitement and hope won out! So many people at Flood allowed God to work in and through them during this process.

Along with many meetings and strategy sessions and consultants and a thousand other things, we prayed. And prayed. And prayed.

Time and time again, God undeniably showed that He was at work in tangible ways. Over and over, He affirmed that this was about to get real. I prayed that Flood would find something. Then, I saw a building sign from the freeway. It was the right size… in the right area… with visibility to thousands of people who may seek to find hope and healing… in between SDSU and the (then proposed) SDSU expansion… with a trolley stop, parking spaces, and street parking… in an area that will be redeveloped. But then we learned it was already in escrow. So I prayed that it would fall out of escrow (but not in a bad way!). Then, it fell out (in a nice way).

The Conditional Use Permit that is required for churches can take 12-24 months to obtain from the city. Sellers and landlords do not want to wait that long for a buyer or tenant. So I prayed. Then, it was discovered that current zoning for this building allows religious assembly – meaning that Flood would be able to gather at the building, while still working on their CUP.

Next, I prayed about the price. And before Flood made an offer, the seller lowered the asking price.

I prayed that Flood’s mortgage would somehow turn out to be less than the rent for their offices and Kearny High School – it is.

Flood was concerned that we wouldn’t be able to terminate the office lease for two more years. I think you know what I did next – I prayed. And guess what? The lease amendment said that Flood could terminate after just one year.

In order to meet at the new building for worship, the CUP requires Flood to have parking agreements with the neighboring property owner. So what did I do? I prayed. It turns out, that property owner knows of Flood, and is supportive of the parking agreements.

The day Flood decided to make an official offer on the building, an anonymous member made a large donation.

There were 3 competing offers for the building. I prayed. Flood’s offer was accepted.

The refundable deposit was $50k. Flood had previously set aside exactly $50k in an account as they prepared for the facility search process.

During due diligence, it was discovered that more construction was needed than expected, so Flood lowered their original offer.

The night before they were due to hear back from the seller, I prayed SO hard I couldn’t sleep.

The next day, the seller lowered the amount to below what was expected!

Right after that, someone involved in the process, but not a “believer,” texted me that prayer works! Yes, yes it does.

And just a few weeks ago, Flood learned that KHS will soon be shutting down for a total renovation that will close the school for at least a year.

I never thought that buying a building could be so faith-building, but God has reminded me so many times throughout this journey that His thoughts are not my thoughts and His ways are not my ways.

This isn’t just a building.

This is our Home.

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