Saturday, March 9|Sunday Sneak Peak

Wishin’ and Hopin’

Flood Family,

Sometimes, we treat hoping like wishing – and treat God more like a genie than our Creator. If we want something badly enough, if we hope enough, then just maybe we can convince God to make it happen for us. But what happens when the thing we’re hoping for doesn’t come to pass? That kind of experience can leave us cynical, withdrawn, even bitter. What’s the point of hoping, we wonder, if it means experiencing the pain of hopes deferred, delayed, or denied?

When it comes down to it, we have a fundamental misunderstanding of the true purpose of hope. Hope isn’t just the means to an end – it’s the formational spiritual discipline of holding longing in the midst of the unknown. It is also the vulnerable discipline of allowing others to “hold us” as we wait in hope.

Join us on Sunday as we continue our new series “Home: Opening Doors for a New Generation” by looking at the essential role of hope in any movement of God.

– Pastor Grace Wilkinson