Saturday, March 16|Sunday Sneak Peak


Flood Family,

There are a lot of gods and goddesses in Greek mythology – 3,142 of them, to be exact. One is Panacea, the goddess of universal health who had the power of healing any disease or disorder. Over time, her name became synonymous with the idea that somewhere in the world exists a remedy that can cure all diseases. Medieval alchemists spent years trying to manufacture this elusive elixir in their laboratories, only to fall short every time.

We love the idea of a cure-all. A medicine that can cure any ailment, heal any wound, restore whatever is broken in us. We spend our lives searching for this remedy, only to fall short every time with the pseudo-panaceas that fill our world. Don’t get me wrong – I believe in doctors and medicine and caring for ourselves. But there is only one true source of healing, and it’s not a magic potion. It is a transformational relationship with Jesus, and a lifelong practice of surrendering the parts of ourselves that need healing into his loving hands.

Join us on Sunday as we unpack the third and final clause of our vision statement, how to become a movement of healing.

– Pastor Grace Wilkinson