Saturday, February 9|Sunday Sneak Peak

A Healthy Appetite

Flood Family,

You know those people who “forget” to eat? We all know the type – they get so wrapped up in a project, an errand, or an adventure, and before they know it, it’s 5pm and they “forgot” to eat all day! Let me be very clear: I am not one of these people. Not even close. In fact, I’m the kind of person who plans lunch while eating breakfast. I have never, ever forgotten to eat.

As a newer Christian, I was always envious of those people when it came to Jesus’s teachings about fasting. It must be so easy for them to fast, since they do it by accident all the time – right?

Fasting, however, isn’t as simple as just skipping a meal or two. Like everything Jesus taught us, its meaning goes much deeper. It’s about integrating all of ourselves – mind, soul, and body – into our worship. It’s about consecrating every little bit of us – even our appetites – to God’s will, purposes, and desires for us.

Join us on Sunday as we take a closer look at this important but often forgotten way to worship.

– Pastor Grace Wilkinson